Drain Jetting

High pressure drain jetting or High pressure water jetting (HPW) is the most preferred process for drain cleaning and provides better longevity for the maintenance of flow efficiency.

drain cleaning burton on trentWhat is High Pressure Drain Jetting?

High Pressure Drain Jetting or Water Jetting is the process of propelling water at high speeds. As a result it clean areas of drains, surfaces or materials to clear blockages. This eradicates the built up of fats, grease, dirt etc.

The result of this process will soften and emulsify the area restoring the flow to the drain. Therefore our engineers carry this equipment on all appointments.

When to use Drain Jetting

When you have a blocked drain it effect many aspects of your plumbing because the flow of the pipes is restricted. It may effect sinks, toilets, manholes and any other drainage. Enter HPW (High Pressure Water Jetting).

On some occasions it may not be the most appropriate solution in the event of a damaged drain or pipeline when it reaches it’s ‘end of life’. Generally most times it can be cleared with clearing techniques.

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