Drain Re-Lining

Do you require Drain Re-Lining? Bad smells and standing water may indicate a blockage. However the signs of a blocked drain or pipe work are not always obvious. Damage to interior pipe walls of drains are not very easy to detect. This might lead to serious problems in the future so drain repairs are necessary.

Advantages of Drain Re-Lining

Drain re-lining is a non-destructive way to secure your pipes. There is no excavation or digging required. Therefore the process is very advantageous for commercial properties as business can continue as usual. This is why drain re-lining is the most straight-forward way to ensure your drains are in the best shape possible.

Initial Inspection

Before drain re-lining the process should start with a thorough inspection of the drains using a CCTV survey, which will contain a detailed analysis to determine the location of any damage and the condition.

After the survey has been completed it is essential that the drain is flushed out using HPW (High Pressure Water Jetting) because this is crucial so that the lining can attach itself to a clean surface.


Once the initial HPW is complete we begin by threading the lining. Flexible resin is threaded through the pipe work using an inflated air bag to shape the lining to the walls, winched in or forced into place using water jetting. The resin is then hardened using hot water or UV lighting to form an inner pipe.

Drain re-lining is not only extremely cost effective but is also quick and easy and ensures that your pipework is protected for years to come.

Before & After Comparison

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