Drain Repairs

Here at 1 Stop Worx we offer a wide range of drain repair technologies to offer the most cost effective way for your drain repairs. Not only that but we also make sure that it is as least disruptive as possible.

All our engineers are specially training in all types of drain repair techniques and have over 22 years experience working in the field.

What techniques do we use for drain repair?

Trenchless Drain Repairs

As the name suggests we offer a ‘no-dig’ trenchless repair service. Not all pipe and drain repairs required excavation, instead we use re-lining techniques where possible.

Patch Liners

Patch Liners are the localised repairs for individual defect within a drain or sewer.

Ambient & Heat Cured Lining

Ambient Cured Lining is the process of covering all or part of a drain or pipe to cover multiple defects.

Heat Cured Lining is almost identical but is normally used for wider pipes.

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